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The ETSF is a knowledge center for theoretical spectroscopy nanotube and a network of researchers carrying out state-of-the-art research on theoretical and computational methods for studying electronic and optical properties of materials. The ETSF gathers the experience and know-how of more than 200 researchers in Europe and the United States, facilitating collaborations and rapid knowledge transfer. Highly efficient computational software plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between theoretical methods and real applications.

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Forthcoming events

The workshop aims at discussing the most recent advances in the theoretical description of the interaction between light and matter focusing on first-principles methods. This broad subject will be covered in its diverse declinations, from core-level spectroscopy to collective low-energy excitations, discussing also matter under extreme conditions, and systems driven out of equilibrium by strong laser pulses. Exchange between theorists and experimentalists is fostered to open new horizons towards the next generation of novel spectroscopy techniques. The workshop will also face the challenges posed by the formidable complexity of heterogeneous and nano-structured systems such as those of interest for light harvesting and energy generation, prompting to bridge the gap between experimental and in silico spectroscopy.

Topics covered by the workshop include:

  • Linear and non-linear optical spectroscopy
  • Core-level spectroscopies
  • Ultrafast excitation dynamics
  • Electron-phonon coupling
  • Light harvesting in natural and synthetic systems

Recent ETSF publications

Luis Dacal, Andres Cantarero, Valerio Olevano; Substrate strain and doping effects on the crystal structure of…EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL B 92, 181, (2019).
Stefan Kurth, David Jacob, Nahual Sobrino, Stefanucci; Nonequilibrium spectral functions from multiterminal steady-state…PHYSICAL REVIEW B 100, 085114, (2019).
Claudio Attaccalite, Maurizia Palummo, Elena Cannuccia; Second-harmonic generation in single-layer monochalcogenides: A…PHYSICAL REVIEW MATERIALS 3, 074003, (2019).
Victor Moron, Marco Marazzi, Marius Wanko; Far Red Fluorescent Proteins: Where Is the Limit of the Acylimine…JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL THEORY AND COMPUTATION 15, 4228-4240, (2019).