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2009 ETSF Software Survey Results

The IT5 members would like to express gratitude to everyone for their past participation in the survey.

The survey has ended as of December 2009 after one month of operation. It has provided valuable information about the users of this project, their perception of the qualities or the weaknesses of the resources and useful ratings of project advancements. Thanks again for those of you who left comments and remarks; they will be taken into account for improving the ETSF offer.

Download the full report of the 2009 ETSF Software Survey

The survey has been announced on 14th October 2009; it has returned a total of 193 usable replies.

The distribution of the ETSF community shows that 85% of the users are affiliated with academic institutions, 12% with governmental entities and 3% with industry. 16% of the respondents are members of the ETSF network. 79% of the respondents described themselves as qualified users and the ETSF suite is the only software tool useful for 32% of all users.

Abinit is the most favored code among the suite with 91% of the participants reporting to use it - an enviable position probably due to the fact that several other componnents are dependent on this appliction output.

A large majority of the users (96%) is satisfied with the ETSF software suite. Almost all of them (99%) affirm that these applications have improved the quality of their work.