The ETSF is a knowledge center for theoretical spectroscopy nanotube and a network of researchers carrying out state-of-the-art research on theoretical and computational methods for studying electronic and optical properties of materials. The ETSF gathers the experience and know-how of more than 200 researchers in Europe and the United States, facilitating collaborations and rapid knowledge transfer. Highly efficient computational software plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between theoretical methods and real applications.

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Accurate models and simulations of the vibrational properties of 1D materials are crucial for

the analysis and prediction of transport and spectroscopic…

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C. Tantardini, X. Gonze; Band gap bowing and spectral width of Ga(1−x)InxN alloys for…Physica B: Condensed Matter 625, 413481, (2022).
A. Pezo, Z. Zanolli, N. Wittemeier, P. Ordejón, A. Fazzio, S. Roche, J.H. Garcia; Manipulation of spin transport in graphene/transition metal…2D Materials 9, 015008, (2022).
N. Wittemeier, M.J. Verstraete, P. Ordejón, Z. Zanolli; Interference effects in one-dimensional moiré crystals, Carbon 186, 416-422, (2022).
Chunli Huang, Tokatly V, Ilya, Miguel Cazalilla; Enhancement of Spin-Charge Conversion in Dilute Magnetic Alloys by…PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 127, 176801, (2021).