Steering committee

Composition of the Steering Committee

It consists of 9 elected Research Team Leaders and is elected every three years (latest May 2021). The current SC members are, in alphabetical order:


    Dr. Simona Achilli (Universita di Milano, Italy)
    Dr. Arjan Berger (CNRS Toulouse, France)
    Dr. Letizia Chiodo (Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, Italy)
    Prof. Myrta Gruning (Queen's University Belfast, UK)
    Prof. Andre Schleife (Urbana Champaign, Illinois, USA)
    Dr. Daniele Varsano (CNR and Universita di Modena, Italy)
    Prof. Matthieu Verstraete (Université de Liège, Belgium) - Chair
    Dr. Hans-Christian Weissker (CNRS Marseille, France)
    Dr. Zeila Zanolli (University of Utrecht, the Netherlands)

The current chairman of the SC is Prof. Matthieu Verstreate.