Organization of the ETSF

The ETSF is a research network consisting of prominent condensed-matter-theory research teams in Europe and in the US, led each by its Research Team Leader. The ETSF has a horizontal structure. Activities are initiated and carried out by motivated ETSF members. Activities are grouped into teams that are independent from each other and each coordinated by a volunteer.


The global coordination is taken care of by the Steering Committee (SC). It is the ETSF representative, decision-making and arbitration body. The SC is also responsible for relationships with other scientific networks such as CECAM and PsiK.

Scientific research grouped around different topics is organized in Collaboration Teams.

The organization of the networks Conferences, Workshops and Training Events is carried out by the Workshop Team. Issues relating to the interest of the Young Researchers in the network are discussed and treated by the Young-Researcher Team, which is in particular involved in the organization of the ETSF Young-Researchers' Meetings.

ETSF is open to collaboration with reasearchers outside the network at the different levels of activity.