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ETSF workshop series

Every year the ETSF organises at least one high-level conference focusing on the active research areas of the ETSF. They have emerged from the long series of Nanoquanta series of workshops (see below), that have been instrumental for the professional development of many of the current ETSF members. Each year the conference is organised in a different location in Europe.

It has grown into a five day format with more than 100 participants. Presentations are given by invited and contributed speakers from in- and outside the network and are organised in separate sessions, each one illustrating a particular aspect of the focus topic(s). The program of oral presentations is complemented by a dedicated poster session, but posters are almost always on display for the whole conference duration.

Discussions after every presentation and at the posters are usually active and lively. The most interesting or controversial aspects and possible new trends or paradigms that emerge throughout the conference are collected and channelled into more in-depth round table discussions that take place towards the end of the meeting. Since 2006 an expert on gender or society issues is invited to every meeting to give a seminar on one of the non-scientific topics that affects all of our daily lives as scientists and that forms part of the ETSF's social policy.

Forthcoming Workshop

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