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The ETSF web site was designed by the web page team, G. Bruant, M. Grüning, N. Helbig, C. Román, and F. Sottile. It uses the Drupal content management system.

The ETSF theme is based on the Zen Classic theme and was created by M. Grüning and C. Román. Icons used on our website front-page are versions of original icons of the Nuvola icon theme by David Vignoni. The Nuvola icons are licensed under the LGPL. This statement grants you the same rights to use and adapt these icons under the LGPL. All other resources on this website belong to the ETSF.

The content of the ETSF web pages is written and maintained by researchers and administrative personal from all the ETSF groups. The web page team would like to thank everybody involved for their contribution. Special thanks go to C. Hogan for his effort to keep the pages free of grammatical and other language errors, and to T. Patman for his contributions to the intranet section.

Legal Disclaimer

The European Theoretical Spectroscopy Facility, or any member of it, shall not be liable for the content or presentation of external web pages, even when linked from the official ETSF web pages. Those pages remain the sole responsibility of the respective author.