The ETSF is a knowledge center for theoretical spectroscopy nanotube and a network of researchers carrying out state-of-the-art research on theoretical and computational methods for studying electronic and optical properties of materials. The ETSF gathers the experience and know-how of more than 200 researchers in Europe and the United States, facilitating collaborations and rapid knowledge transfer. Highly efficient computational software plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between theoretical methods and real applications.

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One-body Reduced Density Matrix Functional Theory (1-RDMFT) is a promising method for treating strongly correlated systems, as well as systems at finite…

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We are happy to announce that on June 14-18, 2021 we will hold the 2021 Virtual School on Electron-Phonon Physics and the EPW code. This is the second event of a series that started in 2018 with the…

At a time when many scientists and students are taking advantage of enforced isolation at home to learn new skills, ETSF scientists*

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J. Boust, A. Galler, S. Biermann, L.V. Pourovskii; Combining semilocal exchange with dynamical mean-field theory:… 105, 085133, (2022).
Simona Achilli, Francesco Tumino, Andi Rabia, Biroli; Steric hindrance in the on-surface synthesis of diethynyl-linked…PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 24, 13616-13624, (2022).
H.F.W. Dekkers, M.J. van Setten, A. Belmonte, A.V. Chasin, S. Subhechha, N. Rassoul, A.V. Glushkova, R. Delhougne, G.S. Kar; Deposition, Characterization, and Performance of Spinel InGaZnO4, 4, 1238-1249, (2022).
A. Kudlis, I. Iorsh, I.V. Tokatly; Dissipation and spontaneous emission in quantum electrodynamical… 105, 054317, (2022).