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GW: a New Topical Issue of EPJ B

The GW method is emerging as a conceptual and computational platform for
developing increasingly more accurate descriptions of electronic
excitations. EPJ B - Condensed Matter and Complex Systems is dedicating a topical issue on Challenges and Solutions in GW Calculations for Complex Systems.

Guest editors Feliciano Giustino, Paolo Umari and Angel Rubio hope that this issue will provide an exciting perspective on the state-of-the-art in this fascinating research area, and encourage new developments in view of addressing the widest range of materials. Amongst the authors, ETSF members are highlighted in bold.

EPJ B - Condensed Matter and Complex SystemsEditorial: Challenges and solutions in GW calculations for complex systems
F. Giustino, P. Umari and A. Rubio

  • Efficient calculation of the polarizability: a simplified effective-energy technique
    J.A. Berger, L. Reining and F. Sottile
  • Electronic and magnetic properties of NiS2, NiSSe and NiSe2 by a combination of theoretical methods
    Cosima Schuster, Matteo Gatti and Angel Rubio
  • Plasmon satellites in valence-band photoemission spectroscopy
    Ab initio study of the photon-energy dependence in semiconductors
    M. Guzzo, J.J. Kas, F. Sottile, M.G. Silly, F. Sirotti, J.J. Rehr and L. Reining
  • Quantitative molecular orbital energies within a G0W0 approximation
    S. Sharifzadeh, I. Tamblyn, P. Doak, P.T. Darancet and J.B. Neaton
  • Effects of plasmon pole models on the G0W0 electronic structure of various oxides
    A. Miglio, D. Waroquiers, G. Antonius, M. Giantomassi, M. Stankovski, M. Côté, X. Gonze and G.-M. Rignanese
  • Performance of local orbital basis sets in the self-consistent Sternheimer method for dielectric matrices of extended systems
    H. Hübener, M.A. Pérez-Osorio, P. Ordejón and F. Giustino
  • Zero point motion effect on the electronic properties of diamond, trans-polyacetylene and polyethylene
    E. Cannuccia and A. Marini

Note that the files are freely available on the Springer website only through November!