16th Young Researchers' Meeting

The Young Researchers' Meeting (YRM) of the European Theoretical Spectroscopy Facility (ETSF) is an annual meeting of the first stage researchers (MSc and PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers) who work on the novel theoretical and computational approaches to study electronic and optical properties of materials. This meeting provides researchers in beginning of their careers opportunity to share their work, introduce themselves with state-of-the-art theoretical methods for describing properties of materials, exchange ideas and make connections with other researchers at similar point of career.

YRM 2019 will have five oral sessions. Topics of all the sessions will be on ab-initio approaches of modelling material properties. First session will be on the ground state of the system and second will be on excited states of atomic, molecular and solid state systems. Third session will be on vibrational properties of materials. Fourth session will be on multi-scale simulation and fifth session will be on highly-correlated systems.

Conference will also host poster session where some of the participants will have opportunity to show their work in graphical representation and to explain it to other researchers in less formal way. Industry session is also scheduled where people who transferred from academia to industry will tell participants their experiences and provide them with insight in needs and expectations of industry regarding physicists and material scientists.

Type of event
Young Researchers Meeting
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San Sebastián