13th Young Researchers' Meeting

The ETSF Young Researchers' Meeting (YRM) is an annual workshop for non-permanent scientists (mainly postdocs and PhD students) working in the field of theoretical electronic structure of real materials. It addresses challenges and recent development in the theory (density-functional, many-body theory, model systems) and in the methods (molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo simulations, code development in general). The ETSF YRM is a unique chance for young researchers to present their work to an international audience where scientific discussions are encouraged by a friendly atmosphere.

This year ETSF YRM focuses on electronic interactions and talks will be divided into five thematic sessions:

  • Modern trends in quantum magnetism
  • Phonons, vibrations and thermal properties
  • Spectroscopy and dielectric properties
  • Strongly correlated electrons
  • Systems in interaction with the environment

Keynote talks at the beginning of each session are intended to provide the participants with an overview of the field, an introduction to the theoretical framework and state-of-the-art methods and to highlight open questions.

Moreover an entire day will be dedicated to researchers from the private sector giving the participants the opportunity to discover research outside the academia.

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Young Researchers Meeting
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