12th Young Researchers' Meeting

The ETSF Young Researchers' Meeting (YRM) is an annual workshop for non-permanent scientists (postdocs, PhD, and master students) working in the field of theoretical spectroscopy. It addresses problems and recent achievements in method development (density-functional theory, Green's function theory,...), algorithms and implementations, as well as applications to materials.

The YRM is a unique chance for young researchers to present their work to an international audience. Scientific discussions are encouraged by a friendly atmosphere.

The YRM 2015 will focus mainly on the following topics:

  • Crystal-structure prediction
  • Thermal transport
  • Electronic, magnetic, and optical properties
  • Strongly correlated phenomena
  • Ultrafast dynamics

However, contributions covering the whole field of ab initio theoretical and computational condensed-matter physics are highly welcome.

An entire day will be dedicated to researchers from industry giving the participants the opportunity to discover research outside academia. Keynote talks at the beginning of each session are intended to provide the participants with an overview of the field, an explanation of the theoretical framework of the relevant physical problems, and a review of the state-of-the-art computational methods.

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Young Researchers Meeting
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