First Nanophase-Nanoquanta Young Researchers' Meeting


The aim of this Meeting is to bring together young researchers of the NANOPHASE (and the incoming NANOQUANTA) network, in order to exchange ideas provide a stimulating environment for discussions about the quite wide range of themes that characterizes our network.
It is primarly intended as a forum for oral contributions and discussions of the research of the NANOPHASE/NANOQUANTA Young Researchers (PhD students and post-docs are encouraged to participate).

The format is an informal 2-day (but distributed in three days, following the formula 0.5+1+0.5) meeting on the electronic structure and optical properties of solids and nano-systems.

One of the main advantages of a restricted number of participants is to give to everyone the possibility to present his/her work. We hope then that each participant could prepare an oral, not-too-technical presentation, even if the work is not finalised yet or in progress.

This is the last NANOPHASE official Meeting; that makes May the last possible month to prepare such a conference. However, this is intended to be as the first of a series of Young Researchers' Meetings to be held within the NANOQUANTA, in the next 4 years.

All young researchers interested to attend the Meeting are invited to fill the registration form before March 31, 2004.

The Abstract Submission (to be done via web) deadline is April 15, 2004.

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Young Researchers Meeting
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