Our Research Activities

ETSF research

ETSF research activities on Theoretical Spectroscopy are organised on different levels. First of all, there is the local work in the different research teams. Moreover, owing to the long history of collaboration within the ETSF and the spirit of working together, numerous collaborations exist between them.

Collaboration Teams (CTs) structure the main domains of research in the ETSF. The CTs are (relatively) small groups of researchers sharing an interest in a given sub-field of theoretical spectroscopy. They were created in 2010 to adapt to the growing the size of the network. Like all ETSF scientific activities, CTs are initiated and organized thanks to a bottom-up process. Any member is invited to create a Collaboration Teams on a challenging topic.

The success and the liveliness of the collaborative work is highlighted by the many ETSF publications arising in the framework or ETSF collaborations.