Electron-Vibration CT

Correlation CT

Vibrational couplings play an important role for a large range of fields and applications, including temperature dependence of optical spectra, polaron-driven superconductivity, heat transport, current induced forces in charge transport, thermoelectric effects, photoemission spectroscopy, or defect physics in semiconductors. In the theoretical description of the corresponding materials and processes they are, however, often ignored. The proper inclusion of such effects poses a challenge for theory, since different interactions of comparable strength (electron-electron, electron-phonon) have to be taken into account on equal footing.

We have identified three different areas of common interest:

  • Impact of atomic motion on electronic, optical, and transport properties of materials (solids, molecules, nanostructures)
  • Thermoelectricity
  • Non-adiabaticity

Our collaboration team was established during the 2010 ETSF meeting in Berlin, in November 2010 (originally called Electron-Phonon team). Since then, there have been several other meetings.

Contacts: Andrea Marini, Xavier Gonze, Claudia Draxl

More information for ETSF members can be found on the intranet page of the Electron-Vibration CT