Young Researchers

ETSF Young Researchers

ETSF "Young Researchers" are postdocs as well as PhD and master students. They are the future of the theoretical spectroscopy scientific field and of the ETSF itself. Some of them who wish to pursue a career in research and find a permanent position may become new ETSF Research Team Leaders (RTLs).

The ETSF aims to provide the young researchers with opportunities and help for the development of their scientific carriers. This reflects an awareness of the challenges, problems, and peculiarities of the situation that young researchers are commonly faced with. More information can be found on the Social Policy page.

Each young person entering the ETSF is invited to chose a "mentor", a permanent scientist to whom the young researcher can refer in case of major problems, and also to discuss questions of future career and development. More information on the mentorship scheme can be found on the Social Policy page.

The young researchers can send a representative to steering committee meetings, with a consultative voice.

If you are a Young Researcher new to the ETSF, you are invited to tap into the information provided in the YR corner on the Intranet.

Young Researchers Meetings

The Young Researchers' Meetings provide an outstanding opportunity for newcomers and young scientists to present their work and to discuss freely. The basic principle is that as many people give talks as possible, giving precedence to newcomers. The organization itself is handled by "senior young researchers". The YRMs are very popular in the community, and far beyond the ETSF YRs (around 50% of attendees are not ETSF members). The development of contacts and collaborations on one hand and of transferable skills on the other are central benefits of the YRM. More information on the Young-Researcher Meetings can be found here.