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Publicity materials

You are invited to download the following publicity materials of the ETSF


  • ETSF leaflets for users (created in December 2006 - updated in 2010)
    Pdf file, 6.3Mb.
  • ETSF leaflet for the larger public (created in May 2006)
    English: Pdf file, 1.37 Mb.
    French: Pdf file 1.39 Mb.


  • Nanoquanta has built the ETSF (created in November 2008)
    Pdf file, 1.71 Mb.
  • What is the ETSF-I3? (created in January 2008 - updated in November 2008)
    Pdf file, 1.43 Mb.
  • Meet the European Theoretical Spectroscopy Facility (created in June 2009)
    Pdf file, 3.14 Mb.


  • The ETSF booklet (created in July 2010) gives a more extended presentation of the facility: objectives, structure, applications, services, software and beamlines.
    Pdf file, 7.31 Mb.

ETSF Movie

The ETSF Movie can be viewed with or without subtitles, or downloaded using one of the links below.

ETSF logo