Research Team Leaders

Name City Research Keywords
1 Simona Achilli Milan (Italy) ab initio electronic properties, quantum transport, DFT, graphene, organic-inorganic interfaces, solid state systems for quantum technologies
2 Carl-Olof Almbladh Lund (Sweden) correlation, time-dependence, non-equilibrium, spectroscopies
3 Claudio Attaccalite Marseille (France) non linear optics, excited states, electron phonon coupling
4 Friedhelm Bechstedt Jena (Germany) many-body theory, optical properties, excotic matter, topology
5 Arjan Berger Toulouse (France) density-functional theory, many-body perturbation theory, optical spectroscopy, photoemission spectroscopy
6 Silke Biermann Palaiseau (France) Non-perturbative many-body methods, dynamical mean field theory, GW+DMFT, electronic structure of correlated materials
7 Volker Blum Durham, NC (USA) Density Functional Theory, GW, BSE, all-electron, benchmarks and reproducibility, semiconductors, interfaces
8 Silvana Botti Jena (Germany) theoretical spectroscopy, machine learning, structural prediction, interfaces, energy materials
9 Elena Cannuccia marseille (Francia) Electronic Structure, Lattice Dynamics, Electron phonon coupling
10 Giancarlo Cappellini Cagliari (Italy) Electronic excitations and optical properties of materials
11 Razvan Caracas Paris (France) mineralogy, elasticity, phonons, Raman, extreme conditions, molecular dynamics
12 Mark E. Casida Grenoble (France) electronic structure, spectroscopy, many-body theory, density-functional theory, organic electronics
13 Alberto Castro Zaragoza (Spain) TDDFT, optimal control, molecular dynamics, software development
14 Jean-Christophe Charlier Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) ab initio electronic properties and quantum transport in 2D systems
15 Letizia Chiodo Rome (Italy) nanostructures, surfaces, interfaces, metals, metal oxides, proteins, optical properties
16 Gabriele D'Avino Grenoble (France) multiscale modelling, environmental effects, molecular functional materials
17 Thierry DEUTSCH Voreppe (France) DFT, wavelets
18 Claudia Draxl Berlin (Germany) DFT, MBPT, GW, BSE, Raman, core-level spectroscopy, RIXS, 2D materials, hybrid materials, wide-gap oxides, perovskites
19 Roberto D’Agosta San Sebastián (Spain) Tddft, transport, stochastic methods, thermoelectricity
20 Andrea Ferretti Modena (Italy) photoemission spectroscopy, optics, GW, BSE, self-interaction corrections, spectral function, dynamical potentials
21 Guido Fratesi Milano (Italy) Molecules, adsorption, core-level spectroscopy
22 Jürgen Furthmüller Jena (Germany) VASP, DFT/hybrids,, GW, BSE, total-energy and forces, dielectric functions, nitrides, oxides, SiGe, SiC, C, fuorides, bulk, surfaces, 2D-materials (graphene and friends)
23 Matteo Gatti Palaiseau (France) MBPT (GW,BSE), TDDFT, Photoemission and loss spectroscopies, Optical absorption
24 Rex Godby York (United Kingdom) Many-electron effects in matter, time-dependent density-functional theory, many-body perturbation theory
25 xavier gonze Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) DFT, DFPT, Abinit
26 Paola Gori Rome (Italia) dft, many-body perturbation theory, optical properties, 2d systems
27 Hardy Gross Jerusalem (Israel) Many-Body Theory, Density Functional Theory, Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory, Non-Adiabatic Effects, Superconductivity, Femto-and Atto-Second Phenomena, Geometric Phase Effects
28 Myrta Grüning Belfast (United Kingdom) nonlinear optics, band-gap offset at interfaces, theory and code development
29 Nicole Helbig Liège (Belgium) Method development, density functional theory, density matrix functional theory
30 Maria Hellgren Paris (France) Many-body theory, TDDFT, ACFDT
31 Conor Hogan Rome (Italy) Surface science, 2D materials, organic molecules, yambo
32 federico iori Barcelona (Spain) heterogeneous catalysis, adsorption, ALD, deposition, hydrogen, CVD, coatings, metallurgy
33 Stefan Kurth San Sebastian (Spain) density functional theory, steady-state and time-dependent transport
34 Nicola Manini Milano (Italy) friction, phonon dynamics, dissipation, carbon structures
35 Andrea Marini Monterotondo Stazione (Italy) Yambo, NEGF, MBPT, electron-phonon
36 Miguel Marques Jena (Germany) DFT, TDDFT, xc functional, superconductivity, materials design, machine learning, octopus, libxc
37 Yann-Michel Niquet Grenoble (France) quantum materials and devices
38 Valerio Olevano Grenoble (France) many-body, correlations, TDDFT, spectroscopy, excitations
39 giovanni onida Milano (Italy) Surfaces, Optical Properties, Excitons, Hybrid Functionals, Carbon
40 Stefano Ossicini Modena (Italy) firts principle calculations, nanostructures, photovoltaic
41 maurizia palummo Rome (Italy) ab-initio GW BSE TDDFT excitons 2D materials surfaces organic compounds material for solar harvesting
42 Pasquale Pavone Berlin (Germany) lattice dynamics, code implementation, electron-phonon interaction
43 Enrico Perfetto Rome (Italy) Non-Equilibrium Phenomena, Time-Resolved Spectroscopies
44 Roberta Poloni Grenoble (France) BSE/GW, MOFs, correlated materials
45 Olivia Pulci Rome (Italy) DFT, TDDFT, GW, BSE, topological materials
46 Esa Räsänen Tampere (Finland) quantum dynamics, coherent control, density-functional theory, time-series analysis
47 John Rehr Seattle (USA) Excited states and spectroscopy theory
48 Lucia Reining Palaiseau (France) Functionals, Many-Body Perturbation Theory, Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory
49 Gian-Marco Rignanese Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) vibrational properties, transport properties, high-throughput, machine learning
50 Patrick Rinke Espoo (Finland) GW, electronic structure theory, machine learning, theoretical spectroscopy
51 Pina Romaniello Toulouse (France) MBPT, density matrix
52 Angel Rubio Hamburg (Germany) TDDFT, MPPT,, new states of matter, quantum materials, QEDFT
53 Davide Sangalli Milano (Italy) Non equilibrium, Real Time, Exciton, Bethe Salpeter, Pump and Probe, Optics, Magento Optics,
54 Arno Schindlmayr Paderborn (Germany) many-body perturbation theory, GW approximation
55 Andre Schleife Urbana (United States) first-principles simulations, computational materials science, TDDFT, MBPT
56 Francesco Sottile Palaiseau (France) TDDFT, BSE
57 Ilya Tokatly San Sebastian (Spain) time-dependent density functional theory, many-body theory, QED, spintronics, superconductivity
58 Michiel van Setten Leuven (Belgium) GW, photo chemistry
59 Daniele Varsano Modena (Italy) Many Body Perturbation Theory, exciton condensation, low dimensional systems
60 Valerie Veniard Palaiseau (France) Non linear Optics, TDDFT
61 Claudio Verdozzi Lund (Sweden) Nonequilibrium correlated model systems , NEGF, (TD)DFT, ED, Quantum transport, disorder, spectroscopy, electron-phonon and magnetic interactions
62 Mathieu Verstraete Liège (Belgium) spectroscopy, electronic structure, phonons, electron-phonon coupling, magnetism, ultrafast dynamics, open source software development
63 Hans-Christian Weissker Marseille (France) TDDFT, real-time, metal clusters, optical properties
64 Ludger Wirtz Luxembourg (Luxembourg) exciton-phonon scattering, Raman spectroscopy, luminescence spectroscopy, 2D materials
65 Zeila Zanolli Utrecht (The Netherlands) quantum materials, topological materials, magnetism, quantum transport, real time spectroscopy, 2D layered materials