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Young Researchers

Young Researchers Arrival

ETSF Young Researchers are postdocs, PhD and master students. They are the future of the theoretical spectroscopy scientific field and of the ETSF itself. Some of them who wish to pursue a career in research and find a permanent position may become new ETSF Research Team Leaders (RTLs).

The ETSF social policy shows the interest of the ETSF network for its young researchers. For example, RTLs are accouraged to favor long duration postdoctoral contracts; each young person entering the ETSF is invited to chose a "mentor", a permanent scientist to whom he/she can refer in case of major problems and to discuss her/his future career; young researchers are asked to send a representative at steering committee meetings, with a consultative voice. The social policy was signed in 2004 by the research groups which created the ETSF.

Young Researchers Meeting

The idea for a Young Researchers' forum arose when a number of PhDs and post-docs stopped grumbling and actually did something about a latent dissatisfaction with the standard way conferences are held. Standard conferences are centered around keynote speakers, and the larger the conference the harder it is to actually be heard and to present. In the framework of the network, it was possible to develop our own ideas about the structure of a conference.

The basic principle is that as many people give talks as possible, giving precedence to newcomers. Given the size of the network and the popularity of the Young Researchers' meetings (YRM), however, some people have to make do with a poster. Another very popular feature is the introductory talks: instead of keynote speakers, one experienced (young) researcher is asked to give an introduction to each session, presenting concepts and a framework for the specialized talks which follow.

The organization itself is handled by "senior young researchers". A small team takes care of the logistics, finds accommodation and conference venues, and attributes the themes and speakers to different sessions. The development of contacts and collaboration on one hand and of transferable skills on the other benefit from the YRM.

Forthcoming Young Researchers' Meeting

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