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The efficient sharing and dissemination of research data is clearly a necessity for the maintenance of a strong and tight community and therefore for success of the ETSF.

Normally, the exchange of data is achieved through the publication of scientific articles where the results of a research project are summarised and analysed in a series of plots and tables. This is clearly insufficient for the field of theoretical spectroscopy, and indeed for any computational science.

More recently, with the appearance of electronic “attachments” to articles the situation has somehow improved, but the information is nevertheless scarce and widely distributed over different sources. We plan to create an electronic platform for the exchange of data relevant for the field of electronic spectroscopy. In particular, we will create an electronic library, with a simple but sophisticated scheme for the indexing of not only computer code, modular subroutines, and libraries (to be reused by software developers), but also of input and output specifications, geometries, pseudopotentials, etc. In this way scientists will be able to easily repeat calculations performed by other groups, and also to integrate that information into their own research.

This electronic library will also contain a set of well-established, crosschecked spectroscopic experimental results to provide the ETSF users reliable references for their simulations. This will create a functional and easy-to-use tool to interpret, refine, and choose the technique or approximation to use. Tools to help the analysis will be developed.