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Call for Proposals

A collaborative research project addresses a specific scientific problem: ETSF scientists work in close collaboration with the proposer, employing computational resources and scientific software provided by the ETSF. Proposals of scientists from any public- or private- sector organisation and from any country are welcome. They may be submitted at any time. Consultancy proposals are evaluated every week. Collaborative Research proposals are evaluated twice a year (Next call deadline: 16 April 2015).

guide for proposers
It is important that you read the Guide for Proposers before submitting a proposal.


First contact with the ETSF: You are not yet in contact with an ETSF scientist. You would like to know if the ETSF could implement a collaborative research project or a training project at your request.

To submit a Consultancy proposal, you will be asked to create a website account, enter your contact details and enter your question into an on-line form (800 characters max.).
An answer will be sent you by e-mail within 10 days.

Submitting a proposal

You are already in contact with an ETSF scientist.


To submit such projects, you will be asked to log in, enter basic details into an on-line form, and upload a PDF document describing the proposal project itself, based on one of the templates provided above (1 or 2 pages).


For collaborative research proposals: OpenOffice; MS Word; LaTeX.

Step by step explanations may be found in the Guide for proposers.