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In order to broaden the accessibility of modern first principles theories and calculations of spectroscopy, the ETSF fosters collaboration between theorists from the ETSF and researchers from other communities, experimentalists as well as theoreticians. This collaboration facilitates:

Excitonic wave function of water molecule

  • deeper interpretation of experimental data;
  • guidance for new experimental efforts;
  • prediction of materials' properties;
  • ab initio benchmark results for multiscale approaches.

Analogous with users of existing large experimental research infrastructures, such as synchrotron facilities, scientists from any other organisation, public- or private-sector, can propose projects for which, if they are accepted, scientific and technical support will be provided by ETSF researchers.

To initiate a collaboration with the ETSF, users are invited to firstly submit a consultancy proposal or contact the coordinator of the relevant beamline and secondly submit a proposal.