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Guide for Proposers

The ETSF call itself is open all year round. Users may submit proposals at any time. Follow the link for an outline of confidentiality issues, the evaluation criteria and process. All proposals must be submitted on-line.

Create user account

In order to submit a proposal a user account must be created on the ETSF website. After submitting the account information, an email containing the password will be send to the address provided, allowing users to access their account.

Screenshot of create an account page

When logged in, a bottom left menu appears “My Proposals”. Here, proposers can edit personal details and modify them, create a new proposal or, for Collaborative Research proposals only, edit an already existing proposal and modify it.

Submission process

The submission process differs with respect to the type of proposal. Follow the link:

Contacting the ETSF

If, having read this guidance, you have questions or are having difficulty with submitting a proposal, please contact Silvana Botti (silvana [dot] botti [at] uni-jena [dot] de).