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Guide for Consultancy Proposals

Submit Consultancy

Users may submit consultancy proposals at any time.
All proposals must be submitted on-line.

Basic Information

Completing the submission of a consultancy proposal will require the preparation of a short text explaining the request (800 characters maximum).

Review and confirm information

The last step gives the proposer a chance to review all information and edit any part of the proposal in case changes are necessary.

The "human verification" tool is used to avoid automated spam submissions. Finally, when all the information is correct, click on "confirm" to submit.

After submitting, the proposer will be redirected to the "Proposal Control Panel" page, and a message will be displayed to notify the proposer that the proposal has been stored successfully: "Your comment has been inserted". Only collaborative research and training proposals are listed in the table "Your proposals". Don't be surprised if you do not see your consultancy proposal there!

Contacting the ETSF

If, having read this guide, you have questions or are having difficulty with submitting a proposal, please contact Silvana Botti (silvana [dot] botti [at] uni-jena [dot] de).