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Online Training Modules

A foreword

The ETSF on-line training modules introduce into the methods of theoretical spectroscopy, such are time dependent density functional theory (TDDFT) and the GW and BSE approaches of the many body perturbation theory. They also outline the density functional theory as the approach to the ground state on which in practice the investigation of the optical properties is frequently founded.

The on-line modules address the group of ETSF users, both theoreticians and experimentalists, and students, with interest to conduct theoretical projects on the excited state of matter. For readers with different background in theoretical physics this on-line training portal is ment to give first access to the theoretical methods. The training modules are organized in two levels, an introductory level and a tutorial level. The introductory level already outlines all the essential topics and the tutorial level complements more complex subjects and derivation. It is frequently embedded in the introductory level or appears as separate sections.

The on-line training portal starts with an introductory module to the subject. Modules on each of the methods will appear on-line subsequently in the near future.

Introductory Level

  • Electrons and Nuclei

  • Spectroscopy

  • Density Functional Theory

  • Time-dependent DFT

  • Quasiparticles and the GW approximation

  • Excitons an the Bethe-Salpether Equation

Training modules for software components of the ETSF code suite